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Follow us on Twitter uboatnet. At Reche reported the Greylock sunk and claimed a hit on another freighter of GRT, but this can not be confirmed from Allied sources. Lookouts on the Greylock Master Charles Herbert Whitmore spotted a torpedo in the smooth seas and broad daylight about yards off the port side. They tried to evade the torpedo, but it struck between the 5 and 6 holds, creating a large hole below the waterline and also locking the steering gear.

A second torpedo missed the bow by 75 yards. The ship immediately flooded and took a starboard list. A British escort ship shelled the Greylockcausing her to sink stern first at All the crew came together in Glasgow and were eventually repatriated from Liverpool. If you can help us with any additional information on this vessel then please contact us. Allied events What happened on 10 October? See main event page. Return to Allied Ships hit by U-boats.

Sunk by U Reinhart Reche. Lookouts spotted the torpedoes as they approached from astern. Two missed and the third struck the ship at the stern, blowing off a section of the stern frame.

greylock xiv

The ten officers, 31 crew members and eleven armed guards the ship was armed with one 4in, four. The Greylock was en route at 10 knots from New York having left there on 6 May to Russia via Halifax with tons of general cargo. We have details of 33 people who were on board.Bill Pay. Log in to Online Banking. Enroll in Online Banking. You can start building your payees instantly.

greylock xiv

You may experience issues accessing BillPay via Safari. We recommend taking the following steps to resolve:.

Trends Make a budget, set goals, and track your spending Your personal finance manager puts the power of budgeting, planning and goal setting right at your fingertips! That's enough paper to stretch from Pittsfield through Salem and 5 more miles into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Imagine all of the paper we can save if everyone switched to eStatements. Together, we can make a BIG difference. We offer two options for you to access your eStatements.

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Set up the eStatement service outside of Online Banking by stopping in a Greylock branch or call Already set up eStatements outside of Online Banking? Get access to your eStatements here.

Eliminate the hassle of checks and cash with Popmoney! Send and receive money as easily as you would receive email and text messages. You don't need a separate account, just use your current Greylock Checking or Savings account.

Transfer Now easily transfer funds to and from your accounts at other financial institutions An easy and secure way to transfer your funds between financial institutions!

Membership Who Can Join? Online Banking. Let Bill Pay handle all your payments. Plan a budget Set savings goals Track your progress Monitor your accounts. You will be notified when the transaction is completed. If you're receiving money, you will receive an email or text message telling you someone sent you money. Just log in to your financial institution's online banking site and direct the funds to your bank account.InAirbnb was still in its early days. But it was clear that co-founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk had a transformational idea: to redefine the travel experience with a platform powered by individuals.

Instead of another travel booking website, they built a living system, with human connection and a sense of belonging at the center of it all. Today, travelers and locals alike can belong anywhere by booking one of more than 7 million listings and over 40, experiences across countries and regions. Infounder Jyoti Bansal had the foresight to realize that every enterprise was starting a journey toward digital transformation, and this shift would create a tremendous opportunity for the next generation of application performance management.

That year, Greylock, along with Lightspeed, co-led the Series A. Jyoti recruited Bhaskar Sunkara as CTO, and together with a talented team, they redefined how enterprises monitored their application health.

greylock xiv

While documents, spreadsheets, engineering and more had all become collaborative, designer tools were still in the dark ages when it came to working together and across teams. Figma provides a better way for product teams to design, prototype and collaborate, all in the browser.

Co-founders Nirav Tolia, Sarah Leary, and Prakash Janakiraman founded Nextdoor after seeing research that many people do not know their neighbors by name.

They sought out to build a neighborhood hub that would cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. Today, Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services in 11 countries around the world. Inco-founders Todd McKinnon and Frederic Kerrest started a cloud-based identity company to help large enterprises better manage, control and secure the applications that they use.

InGreylock partnered with Okta, and the company went public in Today, almost 8, organizations trust Okta to help protect the identities of their workforces and customers.

Infounder Nir Zuk set out on a mission: disrupt the network security status quo and re-invent the firewall. Nir started from a desk at the Greylock offices. Inco-founders Bipul Sinha, Arvind Nithrakashyap, Arvind Jain, and Soham Mazumdar started Rubrik with a bold mission: build a single software platform to manage and protect data across the cloud and on-premise. Greylock partnered with Rubrik in when its initial offering was still under development.

Rubrik has since expanded its product portfolio to deliver SaaS applications for data governance, compliance, and security. As a result, Rubrik has rapidly grown from a small startup to global leader, serving more than 2, customers with hundreds of millions in revenue.

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Inco-founders Christian Beedgen and Kumar Saurabh initiated Sumo Logic on a secular bet: empower digital business through analytics delivered completely as a cloud-based service. They were joined by Bruno Kurtic, and built an offering to deliver continuous intelligence — real-time insights delivered as a service — from a cloud-native platform.

Greylock invested before the company had a name. Sumo Logic went public in Nasdaq: SUMOand today, the company is a fast growing leader in continuous intelligence, with more than 2, customers around the world. They were building Fates Forever, a MOBA game for tablets, and were increasingly frustrated by the products they were using to chat while playing their favorite PC games.

So inJason and Stan Vishnevskiy launched Discord, a communications platform that helps friends come together around the games they love, and it saw immediate adoption and growth.

Greylock partnered with Discord inand today the company has more than 56 million monthly active users, with more than 1 billion messages sent each day. They decided to form a company that would sell cloud-based applications for finance and HR, which became known as Workday. Greylock partnered with LinkedIn inwhen the company had fewer than 1 million members. Today, LinkedIn has more than million members and has offices around the globe.

Hoffman revisits the concept for - which he refers to as "The Age of the Inconceivable" — offering a systematic approach to adaptation that allows for the pursuit of goals while also maintaining the ability to quickly course-correct when external shocks or unexpected discoveries occur.Insider trading activities stock purchases, sales, and option exercises reported by insiders of Pure Storage, Inc.

Marc Andreesen once said that "markets that don't exist don't care how smart you are. ANTHONY, in virtue of her birth, her parentage, her six years of budding childhood passed at the foot of "Old Greylock" in the Berkshire range of hills, also through the residence of her ancestors in direct line, both maternal and paternal, with most if not all of their kith and kin, for seven generations, in Rhode Island or.

Typing up historical documents helps others bring their family together. General Provisions. La indumentaria popular vasca en el siglo XVI 8. This is a list of school districts in all 50 states. Our Investment in Utmost. Table 1 shows the monthly insider trading data at Pure Storage, Inc. Greylock Xiv-a Limited Partnership is based out of Cambridge.

Today, the company is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications, delivering financial management, human capital management, planning, and analytics applications designed for the world's largest companies, educational.

At 3, feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. See more ideas about Crystal glassware, Crystals, Glass.

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Sermons, American. Security and Exchange Commission and incorporated in the state of Delaware.

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Greylock Reservation. After trading successfully from our Maylands retail store for over 30 years, we now operate exclusively online. For more information, visit www.

Junior Member 30 posts Joined: May Jerry Chen. Greylock Reservation Comm'n, Mass. To inspire and inform skiers and snowboarders who earn their turns in the backcountry.We are fortunate to have been early and long-term partners to some of the most enduring enterprise and consumer technology companies. We invest early in teams across enterprise sectors, helping entrepreneurs develop and deliver new innovative solutions that provide superior customer value.

We invest early in the teams who are building software to improve how we shop, travel, live, and play. Health care is undergoing a digital transformation.

Exponentially growing amounts of machine and human-generated data create new challenges for insight and action. The journey to cloud is driving an evolution of enterprise IT infrastructure. Opportunities in re-imagining the infrastructure stack to enable a hybrid multi-cloud world. The move to cloud, microservices and function-based architectures combined with growing scale are driving a reinvention of the observability stack.

Opportunities in DevOps, open-source, monitoring, metrics, logging and new management frameworks. Human work is undergoing a step-function change in productivity as mobility, automation, and collaboration reinvent how we work. On-premise application software has transformed to SaaS, taking advantage of new technology, business models and distribution. The move to cloud, increasing attacker sophistication, growing vulnerabilities, and regulatory dynamics make security more important than ever.

The transportation industry is in the midst of a revolution, with new technology and business models. Opportunities in autonomous vehicles, delivery robotics, new software platforms, enabling components, and marketplaces. We are in the early innings of the shift to online commerce. In the finance sector, billions of dollars of legacy infrastructure are being replaced by technology through a combination of new software infrastructure, regulation, and consumer trust.

We expect this will lead to greater transparency, access, and opportunity for both people and businesses.

greylock xiv

We partner with entrepreneurs who are leading this transition. We partner with entrepreneurs building marketplaces both on B2C and B2B sides. We back entrepreneurs who are changing the way we consume, create and connect through media.

We can now connect with each other in deeper ways. We back the teams who are building products that can reach hundreds of millions of participants. But, the way we build, buy, invest and use real estate, with high transaction costs, limited transparency and limited access, has remained largely unchanged for more than years.

We back entrepreneurs who are rethinking real estate with software and data science. Search is among the most important and fundamental tools of modern life, powering exchanges between billions of people.

We partner with teams creating the next generation of search technology. Skip to content Companies that matter. Acquired by Cisco.Greylock Energy is headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia with offices scattered throughout West Virginia and Pennsylvania and operations across Appalachia.

Our mission is to produce energy that powers our communities.


But, we don't stop there. We are committed to giving back to the areas where we operate. We serve as partners in education with local schools, contribute financially through community donations and scholarships, and sponsor fundraisers for non-profit groups. We also support our team members who regularly volunteer their time, talents, and service to organizations that make a difference in our communities. We know that producing and transporting natural gas cleanly is not only possible, it is our responsibility.

That is why protecting our environmental resources is one of our top priorities.

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We adhere to green completions standards, capture and recycle nearly all of our produced water, and utilize impermeable lining at all of our sites. From drilling and completions through transportation and end use, Greylock is committed to providing energy that is safe, clean.

At Greylock, we believe we are what we value. That is why safety is our highest priority and our corporate values include integrity, excellence, and collaboration.

We strive for excellence, integrity, and safety in everything we do, and we seek to work collaboratively with landowners, state agencies, and our local communities to produce and deliver energy that powers our communities and improves lives.

Corporate Headquarters. Charleston, WV After regular business hours, report emergencies to: 1.

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Empowering People. From drilling and completions through transportation and end use, Greylock is committed to providing energy that is safe, clean, and reliable.I am very happy that I took this course because I do not think it is possible to just read this kind of information without working with data to get a good understanding of these complex theories and methods.

The instructor Joris Mays was very effective, especially in the discussion board where his feedback was timely, clear and very thoroughThis course was extremely helpful in facilitating my understanding of programming in R fundamentals.

I feel confident moving forward onto the next section of R programmingDr. Murrell is a great instructor. His notes and book were great resources. I really appreciated how how he took time to make sure we understood the concepts. He is definitely the best (along with Dr.

Verzani from the R stats course) instructor that I've had in all the classes I have taken here at statistics. It forced me to do it and that is what I needed. Tal Galilli was great!. He is very patient and willing to help no matter what our questions were. Overall,great course and I plan to take more.

This will be very helpful for the type of data analysis work I doThis course is an excellent follow up to the R basic course. A lot of new and helpful material was added and contributed to a more advanced understanding of R programmingProfessor John Verzani is excellent.

I used to be thrilled to see his long explanation on the concepts. It was so helpful and makes us love the subject. If you understand the subject, you start loving the subject and this is exactly what I realized and professor's explanation made me start loving R.

Assistant Teacher (Shweta Jadhav) really was so helpful. Her feedback, comments were so very valid and felt really blessed to meet and get taught from such wonderful people. Every one at Statistics are such wonderful and nice people. I am really blessed to be part of such an institute :)Both professor Verzani and the TA's were always ready to answer questions.

This is probably the most actively I've ever participated in an online class. I really benefitted from this course and I appreciate all the thought and effort put into making it such a valuable resource for R users. This course will definitely be used for my work. This course should be called Intro to R for Busy People. I'm really glad I took this course and will recommend it to others. Thank you John and the TAs!. You've made my fear of R vanish-- the pace of the course definitely helped with building confidenceI took the course to get starting using R, thus I think this will help with my use of statistics in the future.

Thank you for the excellent course. I appreciated the timely and detailed responses from Dr.

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Discussions initiated by other students were also very valuable - esp for PCA and ClustersInstructor gave good, understandable answers on the board, and several nice summaries of topics we were covering.

I have truly enjoyed this course with Professor Babinec. Anthony did a great job of answering questions, adding explanations and expanding on ideas.

The best teacher I have had at statistics. The course has fueled my desire to increase my understanding of measurement, specifically Rasch and IRT techniques and theories. This course helped me to learn more about Rasch analysis and Winsteps. I feel that this course taught me the how and why of what I see in my daily work.

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